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May 21 2018

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Sometimes I’m just sitting here minding my own business and then I remember that Thor specifically entrusted Loki with placing Surtur’s crown on the fire to initiate Ragnarok and I tear up a little bit because that’s how you love and support your chaotic neutral sibling. 

Thor: I know what’ll cheer you up. :)
Loki: What’s that?
Thor: You wanna trigger the apocalypse with me for the good of Asgard?
Loki: !!!!!!!!

my favorite part is that nobody questioned Loki surviving that experience. Thor sent him in there with the comfortable confidence of Loki’s cockroach-like ability to cause the apocalypse and sneak out before it got bad, Loki didn’t try to pretend that this was dangerous, absolutely nobody ever commented…

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i should just go on dollskill and find outfits to draw

oh good

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effin gemini

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hope this broke your heart as much as it broke mine

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Yes, because you slay the look honestly:

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Goro dancing a little more!! (x)

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Megamind is on TV 😍😍😍

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Close up on the Goro art and screenshots.

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i posted these on twitter and figured i would post them here too. some not so great quality scans of a few of the character pages in the june otomedia magazine. my scanner isn’t the best but i thought i would share for anyone who couldn’t buy the magazine. ^^

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Goro and Joker dancing together!

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all you need to know is that P5A episode 5 wrecked me. also happy goro day♡

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See, reasons like this are enough to watch the anime, even if it’s not the best adaptation. Like, we never ever would have gotten Ryuji to call Ren “RenRen” and we never would have gotten to see Yusuke as an adorable kid if we didn’t have the anime. So yeah, complain about it all you want, but it’s little additions like this that makes the anime worth it.

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Goro dancing in his detective & prince outfits!!

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Goro + His different dancing outfits (so far)

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Otomedia’s June issue has Yusuke, Akira, and Morgana ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )

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